Banks that offer Free Credit Score

The Free Annual Credit Report is the best way to get a free credit report from all three agencies. However, with the free annual report required by the government, you don’t get a credit score. You have to pay additional money to get your score with that free program. But there is a way to get your free score with a bank or credit card.

These days, there are many banks and credit card issuers that provide free credit scores as part of their service offering. This is a way to retain customer loyalty and goodwill. It started with Credit Card companies but Banks are also getting in on the action.  Here are banks and Credit Card issuers that offer Free Credit Score to their customers.

Free Credit Score from Banks

Discover Bank – Discover bank offers customers of it’s Discover it, Open Road, Motiva, Miles by Discover and Escape by Discover. Provides free FICO scores on monthly statements. Cardholders are also able to access their credit scores online by logging into their account.  This service started in November 2013. To learn more about this program, click here.

Citibank – Citibank announced in October 2014 that it will start offering free credit scores to cardholders. The free FICO scores will be provided monthly to holders of Citi-branded cards.  The difference here is that the score that Citibank will be providing to these cardholders will be the same one that the bank uses for credit decisions. That way, you know where you stand regarding qualifying for another card from the same bank.

 Barclays US – Barclays US provides free FICO scores to card holders through their online accounts. User have to log into their Barclays accounts to view their score. You will also receive email alerts when the score changes.

First Bankcard – First Bankcard provides FICO scores to cardholders. Customers get updated credit scores on a monthly basis. They can also log into their account to see any new changes related to their credit report that may impact their credit score.

"Banks that provide FICO Scores"

Other banks have experimented with the idea of providing FICO scores to their customers but have not implemented a program to cover all customers on a regular basis. We only focused on banks providing FICO scores. Other banks, like US Bank and Capital One provide non-FICO scores to their card holders.

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